Engaging community and  bringing art to Downtown Anniston through Pop Up Art Galleries, hands-on Art, and Public Art Projects.

One of the things MAP is focused on is makeing Public Art in Anniston. Thus creating an awareness of Art in Anniston and Anniston's History by bringing our Inside Art from public and private institutions to the Outside of our  Downtown buildings and VISIBLE to all.

MAP ANNISTON is all about Engaging Community and Bringing Art to Downtown Anniston through Pop Up Art Galleries, Hands On Art and Public Art Projects.

Our Mission

upcoming Projects

Reach Out

Join MAP and make a difference in our community.



Main Street Art Project (AKA MAP Anniston) is working hard at getting started. We want you to join us in making ART happen in Anniston.

What would you like to do?

  • Make Murals
  • Present an idea for a Children's Workshop
  • Organize a Public Art Project
  • Exhibit in one of our POP UP Galleries
  • Support MAP Anniston in any other way.



Join Us

Join us! We want to know what you do. Are you an Artist living in Anniston? Please send a message telling MAP what you do and how you would like to contribute to this new part of Main Street Anniston.