Engaging community and  bringing art to Downtown Anniston through Pop Up Art Galleries, hands-on Art, and Public Art Projects.

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MAP ANNISTON is a group of visual artists and supporters of the Arts who are contributing to the revitalization of Anniston through diverse ART avenues. Our steering committee has laid the foundation for participation in MAP. MAP works in conjunction with ANNISTON COUNCIL ON THE ARTS & HUMANITIES.

MAP Anniston volunteer coordinators are:

Eva Andrews - Founder, Artist and Community Activist

Sarah Cavender -  Organizer, Tech Support - Jewelry Designer

Natalie Couch -  Wordsmith - Website Designer - Graphic Designer

Mary Coyle -  Driver of Hands On Projects - Occupational Therapist.

Mary Crabtree - Survey Creator - Art Therapist

Ed Deyo - Chief Coordinator  and City Liaison - Working Artist​​